Homeopathic Remedies for Ovaritis

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Injury, retching, chill and cold, coitus during menstrual period are the causes of acute ovaritis. If the acute condition does not subside, it leads to chronic ovaritis. Pain in the lower part of abdomen, tenderness on pressure, nausea, fever, pain during coitus, or a strong desire for it are the usual symptoms.



Acute Ovaritis: —Aconite 3x: Ovaritis due to sudden suppression of menses from cold; pain during micturition. Apis 6 Ovaritis of right ovary, stinging pain, scanty urine, no thirst. Lachesis 6 Inflammation of left ovary, accumulation of pus; exquisite tenderness over uterus, even the weight of clothes is unbearable.

Try also—Belladonna 2x (if pain is of stitching character), Merc. Cor. 6, Puls. 6, Hamamelis 6, Colocynth 6, Ferrum Phosph. 12x (trit.)

Chronic Ovaritis: —Conium 6 Ovary is hard i.e., pus has not formed yet; menses scanty; sterility. If it fails, try Platina 6, Graphites 30, Thuja 6 (if left ovary is indurated), Aur. Mur. Nat. 3 (trit.), Lilium 6, Calc. Phosph. 6x or Cimicifuga 30. If pus threatens Merc. Cor. 6. If pus has formed Lachesis 6, Hepar 6 or Silicea 6. If much exhausted owing to free discharge of pus: China 6 or Acid Phosphoric 6. If ovaritis is associated with Gonorrhea Acid Nitric 6-30, Aur. Met. 3-200, Pus. 3-30, Merc. 6 (if mercury has not been used already), Thuja 30-200.

Secure rest from sexual intercourse, rest in bed, and apply locally dry fomentation.


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