Homeopathic Remedies for Ozaena

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As a result of injury, entering of foreign bodies or of inherited or acquired syphilis, ulceration takes place in the nasal bones or cartilages, producing even their destruction with attendant loss of sense of smell. Foul-smelling purulent or sanious discharge occurs.



At the onset, Cadmium Sulph. 3x (trit.)-30. Nose red, swollen and painful; heat inside nostrils; yellowish- discharge or partly watery and partly purulent discharge; Aur. Met. 6. Tip of nose is red and painful on account of profuse discharge during acute stage; thereafter sinking of the bridge of nose, with loss of sense of smell; discharge of flesh-like shreds or of foul smelling, bloody pus; Kali Bichrom. 6. If Syphilis (inherited or acquired is the cause; there is much inflammation and discharge of pus or purulent mucus: Acid Nitric 6. Much burning sensation ; discharge of profuse watery pus, frequent sneezing; change of voice (chronic ulceration) Arsenic 3—30.

Try also—Syphilinum 200, Iodium 3, Psorinum 30. Calcarea Carb. 30, Merc. 30, Alumina 6, Sanguinaria 1x-6, Puls. 6, Cyclamen, 3-30, Aur. Met. 6-30. Wash out the nose with salt-solution (120 grs. to pint of water) or with watery solution of Potassium Permanganate (gr. v to 1 pint).


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