Homeopathic Remedies for Palpitation of The Heart

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Palpitation of The Heart

This is not a disease but a symptom. Ordinarily we do not feel the heart beating inside our chest. When we are painfully aware of this, that is called palpitation.


Cause: Nervous debility, plethora or sanguinous temperament, anxiety, fatiguing exertions, too much bodily discharge, fear, menstrual disturbance, indulgence in intoxicating drugs, dyspepsia, flatulence, etc.


Try Cratoegus Ө before using any other drug—if pulse is quick and irregular, breathing difficult, tips of fingers cold, anaemia and melancholia. This failing and especially if the liver is faulty try thrice daily, Iberis Ө, 3 drops. Face flushed and hot; extremities paralysed-like; palpitation on slightest provocation; feeling of the heart about to stop, Aconite 6. Pain in the region of heart, face flushed, headache, Bell. 30. Action of heart is now quick, now slow, feeling of its imminent stoppage while lying down, restlessness, palpitation due to fatiguing exertions or mental excitement, Digitalis 3-30. Feeling of the heart leaping up or it being gripped by walking or lying on left side, Cactus 3x. Difficulty of breathing with faintness, pulse weak; pricking sensation on left side of chest; repeated sighs; heart’s action is now slow, now quick, Lachesis 30. Palpitation following exaltation, Coffea 6. If due to anger, Chamomilla 6. Due to fear, Opium 6. Due to indigestion, Nux Vom. 6. (for males) or Puls. 6 (for females). Due to debility (especially in the aged), Aur. Met. 6x-200. Due to nervous debility and accompanied with frequent urination, Lachesis 6-30. Pain or rheumatism of heart; pain from hear radiating to hand or to spine, Spigelia 3. If pain in heart due to rheumatism or to smoking Kalmia Lat. 3. Due to severe exertion, Arnica 3. Associated with debility and anxiety; irregular circulations; pain in heart during inspiration, Calcarea Phosph. 12x (trit.).

Remove the causes enumerated above. Try hot footbath. Live quiet regular life in open air.


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