Homeopathic Remedies for Paralysis

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The term indicates numbness and loss of sensation of any part of the body, whether preceded or not by convulsions or spasms.



In acute cases if the paralysis is from lower parts of the body proceeding upwards: —

Hydrophobinum 30—Paralysis due to injury.

Arnica 3—Paralysis of lower limbs.

Rhus Tox.-30—Paralysis in old men with loss of memory. Tongue and face are particularly paralysed.

Baryta Carb. 6-30—Paralysis of face, wind-pipe or of urinary bladder.

Causticum 6, 12, 30—Loss of sense of touch but painfulness not lost; pain and needle sensation of the affected part and paralysis of half of the body.

Aconite 1x—Rheumatic pain in the leg; failure of vision; nocturnal incontinence of urine; inability to work.

Belladonna 3—Paralysis or impotence from excessive venery.

Phosphorous 6-30—Writer’s cramp.

Gelsemium 2x-30—Paralysis due to suppression of measles.

Sulphur 6-200—Spasms of limbs; paralysis due to central nervous system trouble.

Merc. Sol. 6—Sensation of touch is diminished but that of pain is sustained; paralysis of half of body; cracking of joints; paralysis of the aged.

Cocculus 3—Paralysis of the aged.

Conium 3—Spinal paralysis due to excessive drinking with nausea, constipation.

Nux Vomica 0-30—Paralysis of eyelids.

Gelsemium 1, Tarentula 6-30 may also become beneficial with their characteristic indications.


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