Homeopathic Remedies for Scanty Menstruation

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Scanty Menstruation

This is usually the result of general ill-health, and treatment should be directed mainly against the original complaint. Where it is traceable to uterine trouble, treatment should be as follows;—Fatigue of mind and body, yellow skin, intolerance of cold air, vomiting, headache, Anemia; Sepia 30 (especially if the patient is neurotic and of spare build). Scanty watery discharge, yellow skin, chilliness, pain in loins before and during menses Puls. 6. Due to want of proper noruishment and of pure air or to some wasting disease Ferrum 6. Irregular menses, constipation, itching all over the body, sudden sensation of heat Sulphur 30. Delayed menses accompanied by itching in genitals Graphites 6. Scanty menses, constipation, skin has an earthy hue: Natrum Mur. 12x (trit.). Menses very much delayed, scanty and blackish in colour Magnesia Carb. 6. Constipation, sweating of skin Phosphorus 6.


Try also—Platina 6, Carbo Veg. 6, Sulphur 6-30.

DietLight and nutritious.


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