Homeopathic Remedies for Stiff-Neck

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In this affection the neck becomes painful and stiff and often bent on one side. The patient is unable to move the neck.



Aconite 3— (Useful in the first stage). There are fever, restlessness, and aggravation of pain on exposure to cold.

Lachnanthes 3—Neck is bent on right side and patient sweats much. Stiff-neck, head drawn to one side. Tearing in upper part of arm and in elbow-joint.

Belladonna Ɵ-3x— Comes and goes suddenly.

Cimicifuga 3x, Bryonia 3—Almost a specific; pain is severe but is relieved by pressure.

Magnesia Phos. 2x—6x (frit.)To be taken with hot water. Useful in acute and chronic cases Dr. Macnish used it for 18 months in a case with very happy results.


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