Homeopathic Remedies for Syncope (Fainting)

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Syncope (Fainting)

Debility, bleeding, fear, sudden joy or grief may bring on complete or partial loss of consciousness for variable period of time.



Let in fresh air, don’t crowd around. Sprinkle cold water on the face: Keep lying down, the head low. If smelling-salt is handy, let him inhale it. When able to swallow give these, Aconite 2x or Opium 30, if due to fear or sudden mental excitement. Patient lies listess, Amon. Carb. 6, Nux Vom. 30. Due to bleeding, China 6.

Debility and restlessness, Ars. 30. Body cold and covered with sweat and patient is prostrated, Verat. Viride 3x. Patient is weak and neurotic, Nux Moschata 3x. Due to heart-trouble, Digitalis 6.


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