Homeopathic Remedies for Uraemia (Acetonemia)

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Uraemia (Acetonemia)

In cholera albuminuria, nephritis, etc., where urine is wholly or partially suppressed, the poison that should have been eliminated with urine get absorbed into the system. This state of poisoning is called uraemia or acetonaemia. The symptoms differ, so that three types may be recognized. 1. Typhoid Type Dry tongue, vomiting, feeble pulse. 2. Convulsive Type: Headache, moist tongue, blindness, hiccup, vomiting, difficulty of breathing, twitchings, convulsions, coma. 3. Comatose Type Pain at the pit of stomach; rapid pulse; deep sighing breathing, coma.



Iodine Ө (m ½ per dose) vomiting of uraemia. Terabinthina 3x: A reliable remedy. This failing, give Merc. Cor., Ars, Cantharis, Kali bi., Cuprum Acet. 2; Valuable in coma. If after 3 doses (given every 15 minutes) there is no improvement, give Opium 3x, every 15 minutes. Opium failing, give Urtica Urens (m. 5 every hour).

Try alsoAmmon, Ammon Carb. (lower potency), Acid Hydrocyan 3, Kreosote 3, Plumbum 6. Have recourse to vapour-bath and give only milk and fruit-juice.


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