Homeopathic Remedies for Vaginitis

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It is an inflammation of the vagina, causing its swelling, heat and discharge of pus and itchiness; there is also pain during making water. Gonorrheal infection, excessive coitus, rape, injuries during delivery, blood-poisioning, worms, exposure to cold, wet and damp are the usual causes. This disease whether acute or chronic does not influence the menstrual flow.


Acute Vaginitis

Fever with rige sensation of weight and pain in loins, thigh and buttocks;

discharge of mucus from vagina, scanty urine are the symptoms.


If due to cold, first give Aconite 3x, then Merc. 3. If due to Gonorrhea, Sepia 12. If due to injury, Arnica 3. If pain during micturition is severe, Cantharis 3x-3. Keep the patient to bed for a week or so.

Chronic Vaginitis

Symptoms: Bluish red pimples on the vaginal mucus membrane, relaxation of its membrane, profuse white or yellow purulent discharge.


Merc. 3 and Sepia 2x (trit.) are the principal remedies, Borax 2x (trit.) Profuse purulent discharge. Acid Nitric 6: Pus, burning sensation and ulceration are present or pimples are present or there is history of abuse of mercury.

Try also—Calc. 3, Puls. 6, Kreosote 6, Sulphur 30.


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