Homeopathic Remedies for Vicarious Menstruation

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Vicarious Menstruation

A woman who does not pass blood from her genitals every 28th day but passes blood from her nose, stomach, rectum or skin every 28th day, lasting for days, is said to menstruate vicariously.



Bleeding from any part of the body other than the genital; pain in abdomen and chest, dry cough, leucorrhoea present or not; Hamamellis 1. Nose-bleed: FerrumPhosph. 6x or Bryonia 6. Scarlet blood is passed; Ipecac. 3x-6. Blood spitting, weakness, Anemia of face, early stage of phthisis: Senecio 3x. Bleeding from nose or ears, pain in breast, rise of temperature Puls. 6. Extreme prostration or Anemia associated with bloody vomit Ferrum 6. Bleeding from anus Collinsonia 1.


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