A small osteophyte (bone spur) called a calcaneal spur, also known as a heel spur, is a growth that develops on the calcaneus (the heel bone).

A heel spur is a spur-shaped deformity that develops when calcium deposits pile up on the bottom of the heel bone as a result of repeated injury. Obese individuals, those with flat feet, and those who frequently wear high heels are most susceptible to heel spurs.

A posterior calcaneal spur develops on the back of the heel at the insertion of the A chilles tendon, and is typically a response to plantar fascilitis over time. An inferior calcaneal spur is located on the inferior aspect of the calcaneus, but may also be associated with ankylosing spondylitis (typically in children).

A posterior calcaneal spur, which is frequently large and palpable through the skin and may need to be removed as part of the treatment of insertional Achilles tendonitis, is also usually visible to the unaided eye. An inferior calcaneal spur is made up of a calcification of the calcaneus, which lies superior to the plantar fascia at the insertion of the plantar fascia.

Symptoms— The most common signs and symptoms include pain in the area around the spur, which usually gets worse after extended periods of rest, can make it difficult to bear weight on the affected heel comfortably, and may be made worse by running, walking, or lifting heavy objects.


CALCAREA FLOUR 30Calcarea Fluor is the best resolving agent for Calcaneal Spur and is considered the first choice of Homeopathic remedy in every case of Calcaneal Spur. It is considered a specific remedy for this condition. It is the most effective homeopathic medicine with the best healing power to dissolve the Calcaneal Spur.

In addition to the specific worsening of pain on walking, the person also complains of pain in the morning. **AMMONIUM MUR 30-** Ammonium Mur is a very helpful natural homeopathic medicine for Calcaneal Spur.

RHUS TOXICODENDRON 200-Rhus Tox, a homeopathic medicine, acts in three areas for Calcaneal Spur patients — pain relief, strengthening the muscles or ligaments, and dissolving the spur. Rhus Tox is the top remedy for heel pain on standing caused by Calcaneal Spur. It also helps in repairing the muscles and ligaments covering the heel bone, preventing further heel damage.

Aranea Diadema is regarded as one of the best homeopathic remedies for treating calcaneal spurs. It works best to relieve digging and boring pains in the heel, which may alternate with numbness there and a strong sensitivity to cold air.

The best remedy for Calcaneal Spur-related heel pain at night is Aurum Met (30).

Mezereum is the best treatment for people who complain of heel spur pain that gets worse when touched, and the patient may become more sensitive to cold air as a result. **MEZEREUM 30-**Pain by touching

RUTA GRAVEOLENS 30-Pain in heel extending to Achilles tendon; Tendo Achilles is the term for the tendon that connects the calf muscle in the back of the leg to the heels; Ruta is the best homeopathic remedy for relief for patients with Calcaneal Spur pain in heel with the extension of pain in Tendo Achilles; Ruta is very helpful in bony and tendon complaints.

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