Your tonsils can be seen if you look at the back of your throat, but the adenoids aren’t directly visible. Both adenoids and tonsils are small tissues located at the back of the throat. They’re similar to the tonsils and are located right above them. Both are a part of the immune system, which aids in preventing and fighting infection in your body.

Adenoids are present at birth, develop until a child is between the ages of 3 and 5, and then start to shrink after about age 7. They also significantly shrink as an adult.

Adenoids help protect infants from infection during the early years by trapping bacteria and viruses as they enter the body. They are situated in the passage that connects the back of the nasal cavity to the throat. Adenoids help control bacteria and viruses that can enter through the nose. They produce antibodies to help your body fight off infections.

Infected adenoids typically swell up, but when the infection goes away, they usually shrink back to their normal size.

Some children are born with enlarged adenoids, which can also be brought on by allergies.

Various symptoms, such as the following, can be brought on by enlarged adenoids:

路 blocked, stuffy nose

路 ear problems

路 problems sleeping

路 snoring

路 sore throat

路 difficulty swallowing

neck glands that are swollen

issues with nose-to-mouth breathing

glue ear (fluid accumulation in the middle ear that can impair hearing);

dry mouth and chapped lips (caused by breathing issues)

Sleep apnea (unusual breathing while you sleep)


BARYTA CARB. 30The child experiences extreme sensitivity to cold; the slightest exposure to cold air causes cough; the cough also appears at the slightest change in weather; sneezing and thick yellow nasal discharge may also be seen; pain in the throat worsens on swallowing; the mouth gives off an offensive odor; the child may be physically dull. Baryta Carb is one of the best homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids. It is also prescribed when both the tonsils and adenoids are enlarged

**CALCAREA CARB 30-**Calcarea Carb is another great medication for enlarged adenoids with a tendency to catch cold. Calcarea Carb will be recommended where the child is highly susceptible to cold and gets sick after every such exposure, which results in enlarged adenoids or tonsils. Such children also have a tendency to sweat excessively on the scalp and have a fatty, flabby constitution. He/she may also be highly obstinate and irritable.

AGRAPHIS NUTANS 3X–When deafness results from enlarged adenoids, Agraphis Nutans is a nearly specific treatment option. The child must also breathe through their mouths and have a lot of clear mucus discharge.

HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS 30Yellow, tenacious mucus from the nostrils, coryza with a blocked nose, and lymphoid hypertrophy are all signs that your adenoids are enlarged, and hydrostis is a great treatment for them.

MERCURIUS SOL 30– Merc Sol is recommended in cases of ear infections brought on by enlarged adenoids, which are characterized by pus-like, thick, yellow, sometimes blood-tinged watery discharge from the ear, as well as fetid or offensive discharge, ear pain that gets worse at night, and whistling sounds that may be heard in addition to the ear infection.

MERCURIUS IODIDE 30All cases of enlarged adenoids, which involve the tonsils, cause an unpleasant mouth odor, and cause a significant propensity to swallow, should be treated with mercury iodide.

KALI SUPHURICUM 30The symptoms directing use of Kali Sulphuricum are a blocked nose, mouth breathing, and snoring. Yellow-colored nasal discharge may be noticed. Kali Sulphuricum is an effective remedy for adenoids that regrow after surgery.

AMMONIUM CARB 30Ammonium carb is a great treatment for enlarged adenoids with severe nasal obstruction, which is most noticeable at night and causes mouth breathing. Ammonium carb is also recommended for nose bleeding, which is most common in the morning.

OPIUM 200-Opium is a useful treatment for snoring caused by enlarged adenoids, which is characterized by deep snoring, rattling breathing, and frequent brief breathing pauses while you sleep.

CHINA OFFICINALIS 30When a child snores loudly while also whining and moaning during sleep, has disturbed sleep, wakes up feeling groggy, and is overly sleepy during the day, China Officinalis is prescribed.

CISTUS CANADENSIS 30There is a feeling of heat and dryness in the throat, a head-drawing to one side from neck swelling, and enlarged tonsils in scrofulous or arthritic people. Cistus patients drink a lot and feel better after eating. It is best for children with dark eyes and dark hair.

BROMINE 30-Bromine is a fantastic treatment for all aches and pains following adenotonsillectomy surgery.

TUBERCULINUM 200 AND PSORINUM 200Such children are very sensitive to weather changes susceptible to infections, and they frequently experience sore throats, colds, and upper respiratory tract infections. Tuberculinum and Psorinum are very effective Homeopathic medicines to help build a child’s immunity so he does not catch infections repeatedly.

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