Fallopian tubes, also referred to as uterine tubes and salpinges, are two tiny tubes in a woman’s body that connect her ovaries to her uterus.

Common causes

Endometriosis and scar tissue are the two most frequent reasons for blockage.

Scar tissue may form as an infection spreads through the tubes, inflames the lining, and heals by laying down scar tissue. This thickens the inner wall of the tube, reducing its opening and increasing the likelihood that the open space will eventually become partially or completely blocked.

Endometriosis is a common condition in which endometrium, the tissue that lines the womb, may develop outside of the womb. If the endometriosis is mild, the fallopian tubes may not be blocked by this unusual tissue growth. If the endometriosis is advanced, the fallopian tubes are almost certainly already blocked.

The skill of the surgeon is essential in limiting post-operative damage, especially when the fallopian tubes and ovaries are involved. Previous pelvic surgery may also be a contributing factor.


CIMCIFUGA RACEMOSACimicifuga is the most effective medication for endometriosis-related tube block with period pain; it should be used in cases of severe, bearing-down period pain in the lower abdomen, uterine region, and lower back; it should also be used in cases of darting pains in the pelvis from hip to hip; the more menstrual flow, the more pain. Sharp electricity-like pains may appear in various parts of the body as a reflex from uterine/ovarian irritation.

EUPIONUM 3-Eupionum is one of the best treatments for fallopian tube block. It clears the obstruction from both sides of the tubes and relieves burning and leucorrhes.

Leucorrhoea, copious, smarting, staining, and stiffening of the linen in a greenish color. Left ovary painful and indurated. Cannot tolerate touch.

There is a chronic inflammatory condition of the endometrium, with the most common symptoms being burning, stinging, tearing, and cutting pains in the ovarian region. Merc sol is an effective treatment for inflammation of the fallopian tubes.

PULSATILLA NIG. 30-When fallopian tube inflammation results in pelvic pain during periods, chills, restlessness, and tossing and turning in bed, pulsatilla is the most effective homeopathic treatment available. It is best suited for patients with gentle, submissive, tearful dispositions who are also very emotional and who crave company.

PLATINA-Women who complain of severe pain during sex are prescribed platina. Burning and soreness are also present, and the genitalia are sensitive to touch. Platina also has an increased sex drive.

POLYGONUM PUN. 30-When there is cutting pain along the tubes, aching pain in the hips and loins, a sensation that the hips are being pulled together, and a feeling of weight and tension in the pelvis, polygonum pun. is a successful treatment for tube block.

SEPIA 30–Women prescribed Sepia may also experience gripping, stitching, clutching pains in the pelvis, pain during intercourse, low sex drive, burning and soreness, and the genitals are sensitive to touch. Sepia is thought to be the most effective treatment for endometriosis when it is accompanied by urinary urgency and frequency. A bearing down sepia is another effective medication for inflammation of the fallopian tubes, when there is marked bearing down pains in the pelvis

SELENIUM MET 30– Selenium met. is helpful in clearing blockages of the fallopian tubes.Menses are abundant and dark, and they are triggered by menstrual pain.

SILICEAMenses that are excessively early, acrid, and profuse, discharge of blood between periods, leucorrhoea in place of menstruation, and paroxysms of icy coldness over the entire body are other symptoms that should be taken into consideration when prescribing a remedy. Silicea is another effective remedy for fallopian tube block caused by serum or pus in the tubes.

THLASPI BURSA PAS. 200–Thlaspi is the best medication when a woman experiences bleeding between periods that is accompanied by severe, colicky, cramping uterine pains, which can have various causes depending on the woman, such as endometriosis or uterine inflammation. Large clots may pass through the blood, and the bleeding may also be accompanied by backache.

TRITICUM REP 30When urinary complaints are present along with fallopian tube obstruction, -Triticum rep.

THIOSINAMINUM 30Thiosinaminum dissolves the scar tissues and opens the fallopian tube’s passage, making it an effective treatment for fallopian tube block caused by scar tissue, strictures, or adhesions.

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