On the skin, lichen planus typically presents as purplish, frequently itchy, flat-topped bumps, developing over several weeks. In the mouth, vagina, and other areas covered by a mucous membrane, lichen planus forms lacy white patches, sometimes with painful sores. Lichen planus is an inflammatory condition that can affect the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes.

Unless the condition is painful or causes severe itching, most people can manage typical, mild cases of lichen planus themselves at home without medical attention.

Cause-The exact cause of lichen planus is unknown, but it may be related to an allergic or immune reaction. -Exposure to medications, dyes, and other chemicals (including gold, antibiotics, arsenic, iodides, chloroquine, quinacrine, quinide, phenothiazines, and diuretics), as well as diseases like hepatitis C, increase the risk of developing the condition. Lichen planus primarily affects middle-

SymptomsOne sign of lichen planus is mouth sores, which may be tender or painful (mild cases may not cause pain), appear as lines in a lacy network, gradually enlarge, and occasionally develop into painful ulcers.

Another sign of lichen planus is skin sores, which typically appear on the inner wrist, legs, torso, or genitals. They are itchy, have even sides (symmetrical), and sharp borders, appear alone or in clusters, and may be covered with thin white streaks or scratch marks. They may also have a dark, reddish-purple color and look shiny or scaly. They may also develop blisters or ulcers. Other signs of lichen planus include dry mouth


SULPHUR 200Sulphur is the most effective and popular homeopathic remedy for treating a variety of skin conditions, including lichen planus. Patients with cutaneous lichen planus who have papules and extremely dry skin respond well to Sulphur.

MERC SOL 30–One of the best natural homeopathic treatments for lichen planus is Merc Sol. Merc Sol is the best homeopathic treatment when the patient complains of irregular ulcers inside the cheeks, which have poorly defined edges and give the cheeks an unclean appearance.

Borax, a natural homeopathic remedy for lichen planus, is most frequently used for oral lichen. Patients who really benefit from Borax have ulcers inside the cheeks and on the tongue. In contrast to Merc Sol, Borax works best when the mouth is kept incredibly dry. A bitter taste in the mouth may also be present. Excessive heat in the mouth is a notable symptom to be taken note of.

SULPHUR IODIDE 200–The face and arms are covered in papular eruptions and constantly itchy from lichen planus, and sulphur lod is thought to be the best natural homeopathic treatment for this condition.

PLANTAGO 30-Plantago is a natural homeopathic remedy that is extremely helpful in the treatment of oral lichen planus and is a very effective treatment when the affected area is the inside of the cheeks and, in most cases, the tongue.

THUJA OCC. 200Thuja proves to be the perfect remedy for treating Lichen Planus, and it produces excellent results.Lichen Planus treatment with homeopathyOn the patient’s face, hands, and arms are hyperpigmented brown spots that are of the pigmented variety.

KALI ARS – 200—Intolerable itching that gets worse when you take off your clothes; dry, scaly, and wilted skin

An extremely rare homeopathic medication called Anthrakokali is

Anthrakokali shows its effect when papular eruptions are prominently present on hands and feet, the papules may also cover scrotum in males, and there is constant intense itching associated with the papular eruptions. This medication also gives good results in the Lichen Planus cases where the dominant site is skin over tibia (a bone).

ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 200– Dry skin that itches in bed and is sensitive to cold water.

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