In areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun, flat, brown or black spots known as liver spots can develop; they are unrelated to the liver or how the liver works.

Older skin can develop liver spots, which are color changes that can be brought on by aging, exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun or other sources, or unknown causes.

Liver spots are very prevalent after the age of 40, and they tend to appear on areas that have been exposed to the sun the most, such as the backs of the hands, the face, the forearms, the forehead, and the shoulders.

Skin that is: Flat Light brown to black, Painles, or other color change can be seen as a liver spot.




CURARE 30– Brown and yellow spots

LYCOPODIUM 200– Spots, particularly on the abdomen and the face

MEZEREUM 30Spots may appear on the chest and arms, and are indicative of this if they are dark brown, blue, or black in color.

NATRUM HYPOSULPH. Q-Use 5 drops in water three times per day to treat liver spots both internally and externally.

PLUMBUM MET 30– Liver spots before and during the menopause; they go away after.

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