Homeopathy Medicine for Mouth Ulcer


Recurrent ulcers in the mouth, also known as aphthous stomatitis, are a common problem for many people.

Causes :

The most common causes of recurring ulcers in mouth can be summarized as under:

  • Deficiency:The three most common nutritional deficiencies that lead to mouth ulcers are vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron deficiency. Iron deficiency in women due to regular menstruation may also be a common cause.
  • Stress:The second most frequent factor is acute or chronic stress, which is frequently seen in young people who experience stress due to tight deadlines at work and in their sleep patterns.
  • usage of drugs, tobacco, and smoking
  • Mechanical cause:Pressure to perform poorly performing dentures, rough or decayed teeth, etc.
  • Bad oral hygiene
    • Infections:a few viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
    • Some oral diseases likeOral Lichen Planus
    • Cancer:To rule out cancer, a non-healing oral ulcer that is accompanied by a swollen neck lymph node needs to be examined.
    • Some unknown causes


The size, shape, number, and duration of oral ulcers can vary, as was already mentioned.

Oral ulcers are more common in people over the age of 20 and can affect both sexes. Children may also present with oral ulcers; while they may not require much attention if they occur only occasionally, persistent ulcers and those that take a long time to heal require evaluation and strategic treatment.

Treatment for Mouth Ulcer:

Typically, the ulcers’ underlying causes must be the focus of the treatment.


Mercurius Solubilis: Top Medicine for Mouth Ulcers

It is (for most homeopathic physicians) the first line of treatment for mouth ulcers. Mercurius Solubilis is a medicine for mouth ulcers derived from the trituration of quicksilver. Merc Sol not only speeds the healing of ulcers and reduces the pain, but it also eradicates the tendency of frequent mouth ulcers.

Borax Veneta – For Mouth Ulcers that Bleed Easily

In homeopathy, it is used to treat ulcers that bleed easily when touched or during eating. Other important indications for using borax include dryness in the mouth with rapid ulcer formation. The ulcers appear in the mouth and on the inner surface of the cheeks. Borax is a medicine derived from sodium bicarbonate, which was used in earlier times to neutralize the effect of excessive acids produced by the stomach.

Nitricum Acidum: For Mouth Ulcers with Severe Pain

It is used to treat ulcers that appear on the soft palate, inside the cheeks, and on the edges of the tongue and is most commonly used when the whole mouth is ulcerated and the pain is severe. Nitricum acidum is a medicine derived from the trituration of the nitric acid. It has a marked action on the outlets of the body where the mucous membranes meet the skin.

Muratic Acidum: For Mouth Ulcers with Tendency to Perforate

Muratic Acidum is a medication used to treat mouth ulcers when the mouth is littered with ulcers that have a propensity to perforate, the ulcers typically have a dark or black base, and there is excessive redness inside the cheeks and the palate. Typically, the red, inflamed, and painful ulcers are brought on by aphthous stomatitis. There may also be a lot of mouth dryness.

Kalium Iodium: For Mouth Ulcers that are Irregular Shaped

In addition to mouth ulcerative condition, copious salivation, offensive mouth odor, heat in the mouth, swelling, dryness, and bitterness in the mouth, and pharynx are some symptoms that indicate the need for this medication. Kalium Iodum is a mouth ulcer medication that is used in cases where irregular ulcers appear in the mucous membrane of the mouth and appear as though they have a milky coating.



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