Homeopathy Medicine for Prostatitis


In men, the prostate gland, which is the size of a walnut and is located beneath the bladder, can become swollen and inflamed. The prostate gland secretes fluid (semen), which feeds and carries sperm.

In addition to pain in the groin, pelvic region, or genitals, prostatitis frequently results in painful or difficult urination.

Although it can occur in men of any age, prostatitis tends to be more prevalent in those under the age of 50. The condition has a number of potential causes, and in some cases, the cause is unknown. If prostatitis is brought on by a bacterial infection, antibiotics are typically effective in treating it.

The onset of prostatitis can be gradual or sudden, depending on the underlying cause. Some types of prostatitis are short-lived or recurrent (chronic prostatitis), while others can persist for months or keep coming back.


Depending on the cause, there are various signs and symptoms of prostatitis, such as:

  • Dysuria, which is a burning or painful urination,
  • Dribbling or hesitant urination are examples of difficult urination.
  • nocturia, or the frequent need to urinate at night
  • Urgent need to urinate
  • Cloudy urine
  • Blood in the urine
  • lower back, groin, or stomach discomfort
  • Perineum pain refers to discomfort between the scrotum and the rectum.
  • The testicles or penis may experience discomfort.
  • Painful ejaculation
  • symptoms similar to the flu (along with bacterial prostatitis)


Common strains of bacteria are frequently to blame for acute bacterial prostatitis, which can develop when bacteria from urine leak into your prostate. Antibiotics are used to treat the infection, but if the bacteria aren’t completely eradicated, the condition may return or become difficult to treat (chronic bacterial prostatitis).

The cause of prostatitis is frequently unknown, and it may be due to a bacterial infection, surgery, or trauma to the area that results in nerve damage in the lower urinary tract.

Risk factors

Prostatitis risk factors are as follows:

  • Being young or middle-aged
  • Having had prostatitis previously
  • Having a bladder infection or urethral (the tube carrying urine and sperm to the penis) infection
  • pelvic traumatic injury, such as one sustained while riding a bicycle or a horse
  • utilizing a urinary catheter to drain the bladder by inserting a tube into the urethra
  • Having HIV/AIDS
  • Prostate biopsy experience


Among the prostatitis’ potential side effects are:

  • Blood infection caused by bacteria (bacteremia)
  • Epididymitis, an inflammation of the coiled tube affixed to the testicle’s back
  • prostate abscess, or a cavity filled with pus.
  • Chronic prostatitis can result in abnormalities in the male reproductive system and infertility.

Prostatitis and prostate cancer are not causally linked, contrary to popular belief.


Apis Mellifica: Best Homeopathic remedy for frequent and burning urination

One of the best natural homeopathic treatments for acute prostatitis is Apis Mellifica, which is appropriate for people with the condition who frequently need to urinate but find it painful to do so, have trouble holding their urine for even a few seconds, and whose urine output is typically scant.

Cantharis: Homeopathic medicine for urine with burning sensation and drop by drop passage

Cantharis is a natural homeopathic medicine that is very effective in treating Prostatitis cases where the urine is passed in drops and with a burning sensation.

Nitric Acid: Homeopathic remedy for burning and offensive urine in Prostatitis

The urine passed is scanty with a strong and highly offensive smell, the stream of urine is thin and the urine feels cold upon passage. Pus discharges from the urethra may be noted in a few patients. Natural homeopathic medicine Nitric Acid proves to be the best cures for prostatitis.

Thuja: one of the top Homeopathic Remedies for Prostatitis ,when there is urge to pass urine quickly

Thuja is an effective natural homeopathic treatment for prostaticitis patients who have difficulty controlling their urination and a sudden urge to empty their bladder quickly. These patients may have a history of gonorrhoea and syphilis affection that has been neglected or mishandled, and they may have foamy-cloudy urine or high levels of mucus in their urine.

Chimaphila: Homeopathic Remedies for Prostatitis with retention of urine

Chimaphila is the best natural homeopathic treatment for cases of acute prostatitis where urine is retained.

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