Dr. Reckeweg Argentum Metallicum 200 CH (11ml) : For Cough, Convulsions, Heart affections, Joint pain, Ovaries affections


Also known as

Met Arg



200 CH




40 (gms)


3, 2, 3, and 7.4 millimeters

Dr. Reckeweg Argentum Metallicum

Common Name: Precipitated silver and silver leaf

Causes & Symptoms for Dr. Reckeweg Argentum Metallicum

  • All cartilages are affected by argentum, which also affects all joints and bones. Patients experience tearing and bruised pains, tenderness, and weakness. They also experience painful, so-called “hysterical” joints that don’t swell.
  • Leg cramps, the sensation that your calves are too short when you go downstairs, stiffness, numbness, electric-like shocks in your joints and limbs, and painless twitchings are all symptoms of the muscular system.
  • Particularly affected is the heart, which twitches frequently and spasmodically, though painlessly, and worsens when lying on the back.
  • Argentum Metallicum is indicated by a feeling that your heart is stopping, then trembling and violent, irregular throbbing.
  • In the evenings during pregnancy, argentum metallicum calms palpitations.
  • The symptom of Argentum Metallicum is vertigo when exposed to flowing water.
  • The acme of a headache, which is typically on the left side, appears to be the torn end of a nerve and ends abruptly.
  • Argentum Metallicum is indicated by an abnormally dry mouth and tongue that sticks to the palate.
  • Argentum Metallicum relieves metrorrhagia, which is characterized by large lumps and excruciating pain with every motion.
  • The left ovary is impacted by Argentum Metallicum, which has a left-sided effect rather than a right-sided one.
  • Argentum Metallicum is best suited for patients who are thin, have hollow eyes, pale skin, a propensity to tuberculize, have caries, deep ulcers, or are mentally impaired.
  • Argentum Metallicum has a strong tendency toward tenderness, which manifests as tearing pressure, bone pains, and bruising when touched.
  • Argentum Metallicum is indicated by a hoarse voice in speakers and singers, as well as worse speaking or singing.
  • Coughing results from laughing.
  • Semenal emissions, nausea in dreams, and symptoms that are worse while you sleep.
  • Worse By touch, pressure, riding in a carriage, lying on one’s back, sitting, or stooping. At noon and at night (profuse urine), when one is unclothed (chills before midnight), when one enters a warm room, and in the sun.


The sunstroke and onanists.


  • Unhappiness, aversion to talking, and restlessness that makes one move quickly.


  • Confusion that appears to be brought on by smoke, dullness, a sense of emptiness in the head, a buzzing sensation in the head, and tingling.
  • Every day at noon, I experience a pressing, tearing pain in my skull, mostly in the temporal bones, along with external head pain that is made worse by pressure and contact and that is relieved by being outside.
  • Headaches that shoot and feel like a head cramp and pain that feels like a scalp excision under even light pressure.
  • temple pimples with pain resembling an ulcer.


  • In particular, the angles of the eyes itch, and the edges of the eyelids are swollen and red.


  • An intense pain that radiates to the base of the brain and causes shooting in the ears.
  • An external ear that is gnawing and itching to the point of bleeding.
  • Argentum Metallicum is indicated by the sensation of the ears stopping.


  • Epistaxis, which may come after blowing one’s nose or be brought on by nasal itching and tickling.
  • Argentum Metallicum is indicated by a stopped up nose and itchy nostrils.
  • Violent coryza with frequent sneezing is relieved by argentum metallicum.


  • Face redness, as well as gnawing, cramp-like, and pressive pains in the face’s bones
  • Argentum Metallicum is indicated by an increase in the size of the upper lip just beneath the nose.


  • Gums that are sensitive to touch and have tooth pain that feels like the gums have receded.
  • Argentum Metallicum is indicated by loosening of the gums and easy bleeding.


  • mouth feeling dry; even though the tongue is moist, there is a dryness sensation there.
  • Tongue vesicles that are painful to the touch.


  • swallowing difficulties and a sore throat that feels like it has a tumor in it.
  • throat tingling and pins and needles.
  • a buildup of viscid, greyish mucus in the throat that is easily expectorated.


  • All food repugnance, even the mere thought of it, followed by immediate satiety.
  • the insatiable hunger that food cannot satisfy.


  • Smoking tobacco causes a hacking cough as well as ongoing nausea and unease.
  • Argentum Metallicum is indicated by stomach-first burning that moves up to the chest.


  • abdominal inflation that is painfully pressurized and constricted.

Anus and Stool

  • After dinner, dry, sandy stool with a frequent urge to go to the bathroom and little soft matter elimination.
  • Vomiting during the bowel movement and abdominal cramping after a morning bowel movement.

urethral organs

  • frequent propensity to make water and high levels of emission (diabetes).

the male genitalia

  • Testicular discomfort that feels like a bruise.

feminine genitalia

  • Argentum Metallicum is indicated by prolapsus uteri and left ovarian pain.

breathing systems

  • Laryngopharyngeal pain, particularly when coughing.
  • A lot of mucus is accumulating in the chest, and a painful cough that produces serous material is triggered by the trachea.


  • When I breathe in and out, I feel pressure and shooting in the sides of my chest and the (right) side of my sternum.
  • chest and side muscles hurt in a way that feels like a cramp.

Back and Neck

  • Bruising-like pains, shoulder blade pains, and pains from the loins being drawn in.

Arms and Legs

  • Cramp-like pressive pains in the bones and joints of the hands and fingers, tension and acute pulling pains in the arms and hands, and cramp-like pressive pains in the tendons.
  • the fingers are contracted.

Legs, lower

  • Knee and ankle pain that feels like a cramp and is sharp, cutting, and acute.
  • When going downstairs, I get a cramp in my legs’ calf muscles and feel like my muscles are contracting.
  • Foot joint pain that feels like it is throbbing and bruised.
  • joint and bone pain in the feet and toes that feels like a cramp.


  • Pulling and cramp-like pressure, mostly in the bones and limbs.
  • Boring joint pain, mostly in the lower limbs’ joints and the sacrum.
  • the experience of joint pain.
  • limbs feel stiff and numb, as though they are asleep.
  • On a daily basis, in the afternoon, the symptoms get worse.
  • In various areas of the skin, there is burning itching.
  • Nighttime sweating, shivering, and being cold are all common sensations.

Side effects of Dr. Reckeweg Argentum Metallicum

Although there are no such side effects, it is still important to take each medication according to the instructions.

Dosage and rules while taking Dr. Reckeweg Argentum Metallicum

Three times per day, mix five drops in a half cup of water.

The globules can also be used as medicine; take them as directed by your doctor, usually three times per day.

We advise you to use medical advice when taking.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic medicines have a variety of uses and are prescribed based on symptom similarity; it is assumed that you have sought medical advice before purchasing this medication and are not self-medicating.

BrandDr. Reckeweg
Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginGermany
Homeo FormsDilution
Potency200 CH / 200CH
Price₹ 145

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