Dr. Reckeweg Carbo Vegetabilis 30 CH (11ml) : Bleeding Gums, Flatulence, Indigestion, Colic, Haemorrhoids Painful, Overeating


Also known as

CV and Veg



30 CH




40 (gms)


3, 2, 3, and 7.4 millimeters

CARBO VEGETABILIS (Vegetable Charcoal)

The main characteristics of CARBO VEGITABILIS are STAGNATION, Disintegration, and Imperfect Oxidation.

Simple foods disagree due to weak digestion, with excessive gas building up in the stomach and intestines and frequent eructation. Carbo Veg has a marked effect on gastro-intestinal disorders, especially dyspepsia and flatulence. It is a remedy for acidity. There is a feeling as though the abdomen will burst open due to accumulation of excessive gas. Complaints are worse by lying down, after eating and drinking rich food, and get better from eructation and

Blood appears to stagnate in the capillaries, causing blueness, coldness, and ecchymosis. Body becomes blue, icy-cold. Bacteria find a rich soil in the nearly lifeless stream and sepsis and typhoidal state ensue. The typical carbo patient is sluggish, fat, and lazy and has a tendency to chronicity in his complaints. A lower vital power from fluid loss, after drugging; after other diseases; in elderly people with

This is a typical state for Carbo veg: the patient faints easily, is exhausted, and must have fresh air. Patient seems to be too weak to hold out. People who have never fully recovered from the effects of some previous illness.

Carbo Veg is helpful in respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and neglected pneumonia when there is low vitality and the patient is incapacitated, such as tingling and itching in the larynx that causes spasmodic cough with gagging and vomiting, hoarseness that is worse in the morning with rawness, soreness, and burning, and wheezing and rattling of mucus in the chest.


– Anticipatory anxiety.

– Timid and in need of stimulation, forced to rouse himself.

– Anger and bad temper with family members (Sepia).

– Anxiety about being alone in the evening, at night, or in bed; worries about ghosts, accidents, and strangers.

– Has nightmares and gets nervous when they close their eyes.

– Phosphoric acid, Sepia: Apathy, a lack of interest in anything.

– I’m reluctant to leave my bed.

Memory lapses that occur on a regular basis.

– Boringness, slowly delivered responses, difficulty focusing, and confusion.

– Unaware, lying in a dead-like position.



Cold breath, chilliness, and overall coldness, but wants to be fanning.

– Complaints following a severe acute illness or injury; fluid loss; discharge that is suppressed; and drug use.

– WEAKNESS, an unexpected loss of endurance and response.

– Imperfect oxidation, blueness, coldness, and ecchymosis suggest blood stagnates.

– Bloody, oozing hemorrhages.

Better by dripping, FRESH AIR, and fanning.

Worse due to OVEREATING, SLIGHT EXERCISE, and Lying Flat, Need Pillows

beverages and food

– Dislike: BULKY.

– A craving for salt and sugar.

FAT makes it worse.


– Headache from eating too much fat, which makes lying even worse, and pressure from the hat.

– Hair loss following a serious illness or childbirth.

– Headaches and icy perspiration.


– Feeling as if your eyes are heavy.

– Eye injuries caused by excessive strain.

– Seeing floating black spots.

Blood loss.


– Mumps can move to the testicles or breast glands.


– A nosebleed, or epistaxis.

– Rhinoceros vein varicosities.


– Fluffy, chilly, and pale with cold sweat.

Heat that follows a glass of wine.


Cold tongue, breath.

– Gums that bleed.


– Scraping: lots of mucus that comes up easily.

swallowing is hampered by contraction.


– FLATULENCE, DISTENSION, eructation-induced amelioration, and lying-induced aggravation.

– A feeling of satiety following a few mouthfuls.

– Ingestion of the most basic foods.

– Cancer, cancer, and acid reflux.


DISTENTION is preferable to FLATULENCE for flatus.

– Your stomach feels like it is drooping.

– Cramps, stomach discomfort, and pain.


– Diarrhea brought on by fatty and hefty foods.

– Hemorrhoids: blue, big, sticking out, burning, unpleasant.

Gender of a man

– Itching and moisture near scrotum.: – Stinking and wetness close to the scrotum.

– Testicular enlargement caused by mumps metastasis.

– Too soon ejaculating.

genitalia of women

– Menstrual periods are too regular, excessive, and passive.

– The annoying leucorrhoea that occurs before periods.


– A persistent hoarse voice that gets worse at night and after light exercise.


– Dyspnea brought on by bloating, made worse by overeating, and improved by erructation and fanning.

– Bloating and asthmatic chest pain.

– Cheyne-Stokes breathing, rattling, and wheezing.


– Oppression and destructive lung conditions.

Heart weakness, congestive heart failure, and organic heart disease.


– The heat generated internally.


Weakness, numbness, and coldness.

– Raynaud disease, which causes the fingers to become numb because there is insufficient blood flow.


– Skin that is blue, cold, cyanotic (blue-tinged), and marbling.

– Ecchymosis, which is a skin discoloration brought on by bleeding beneath the surface.

– Gangrene.

– Varicose ulcers that are sluggish.

– Jaundice brought on by fatty food overeating.

Complementary: Complementary

– Lachesis, Phosphorus, Kali-carb, Drosera, Arsenic, China, and

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic medicines have a variety of uses and are prescribed based on symptom similarity; it is assumed that you have sought medical advice before purchasing this medication and are not self-medicating.

BrandDr. Reckeweg
Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginGermany
Homeo FormsDilution
Potency30 CH / 30CH
Price₹ 135

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