SBL Calcarea Fluoricum 30 CH (30ml) : Varicose veins, Enlarged & stony glands, Boils, after operationst


Also known as

calcium fluoride, calcium fluoride, and cf



30 CH




82 (gms)


3.5 cm by 3.5 cm by 9.5 cm

CALCAREA FLUORICA (Fluoride of Lime)

Calcarea Fluorica is an effective treatment for boils, varicose veins, hard excrescenses on the scalp, indolent fistulous ulcers secreting thick yellow pus, indolent fistulous ulcers with elevated edges, indolent fistulous ulcers with stony hardness, indolent fistulous ulcers with surrounding skin that is purple and swollen, indolent fistulous ulcers, and gum

Calcarea fluorica is an effective tissue remedy for hard, stony glands, varicose veins, enlarged veins, malnutrition of bones, hard knots in female breast, goitre, and congenital hereditary syphilis. Many cataract cases have undoubtedly benefited from calcarea fluorica. It also relieves congenital syphilis that shows symptoms such as ulcerating of the mouth.

In addition, Calcarea Fluorica aids in the treatment of lumbago, joint disorders, and bone deformities, including gouty enlargements, ganglia at the back of the wrist, and bone necrosis caused by congenital syphilis.



– Aversion to material or emotional need.

– Urgent need for assurance and security.

– Dependence and attachment.

Fear of impending disease (Kali-carb), anxiety about one’s physical well-being (Calcarea carbonica), and fear of passing away (Kali-carb, Lycopodium, Nitricum-acidicum).

– Has a clown persona and is good at imitating.


– Stone-hard tissues, glands, and tumors.

– Palpitations along with heat waves (Pulsatilla).

Warmblooded; occasionally irritable in the cold.

– It might be cold.

Worse: beginning of motion in the cold and rain.

Better: Constant movement, heat, and EATING.

– Remarks from the left.

– EXOSTOSIS, particularly in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

– Tendon nodules.

Vascular tumors, vascular sclerosis, and enlarged veins.

X-ray burns; discharges that are grass green.


Exostoses (a growth of cartilaginous tissue on a bone)

– Cephalhematomas, which are blood collections in babies between the periosteum and the skull.

– Newborn child blood tumors.

– Scalp ulcers with calloused, hard edges and hard excrescences.


the cataract.

– Pain subsides when the eyes are closed and a light hand pressure is applied.

– Cysts under the skin and lid tumors.

– Cataract, conjunctivitis, and flashing before the eyes, as well as spots on the cornea.

– Subcutaneous palpebral cysts, strumous phlyctemular keratitis


– Tympanic deposit of calcium.

– A middle ear infection that is chronic and accompanied by roaring, ringing, and hearing loss.


– Dry coryza, a stuffy head cold, and ozaena.

– Excessive, disagreeable, thick, lumpy, greenish nasal congestion.

– Atrophic rhinitis, particularly if there are obvious crusts.

Hard cheek swelling, painful toothache, and jaw-bone swelling describe the face.


– Tongue cracks; after swelling, the tongue becomes indurated and hardens.

– Gum boil with a significant jaw swelling.


– Looseness, easily breakable, crumble.

– Teeth become unnaturally loose in their sockets, either painfully or not.

– A toothache that gets worse if food touches it.


– Tonsil suppuration that is persistent.

– Rough-textured tonsils.

– Cold drinks make the pain and burning worse at night, while warm drinks make it better.

– A sore throat with follicles; tonsil crypts are constantly producing mucus plugs.

– A sore throat that is relieved by warm beverages and made worse by cold beverages.

– Relaxed uvula, hypertrophy of Luschka’s tonsil, and tickling in the larynx.

Throat exterior

– A severe goiter.

– Serious gland enlargement.


Constantly peckish

– Hunger that is accompanied by emaciation.

– Brain fag, indigestion brought on by fatigue.

– Infants’ vomiting, infants’ vomiting of undigested food, infants’ coughing, infants’ vomiting of flatulence, infants’ vomiting of undigested food, infants’ weak and dainty appetite, infants’ nausea and distress after eating, infants who are overextended in studies, young children who are experiencing acute indigestion from exhaustion and brain fog, and infants who are experiencing acute indigestion.


– Flatulence that is worse when riding while pregnant.

Anus and Stool

– Gouty subjects experience diarrhea, and their anuses itch.

– Anus fissure and an excruciatingly painful crack close to the lower end of the bowel.

Hemorrhoids that are bleeding and itchy as if they have pinworms.

– Constipation, back pain that is typically located far down on the sacrum, and internal or blind piles that occur frequently.

– The lower bowels have a lot of wind, which is worse during pregnancy.


– Fatty-induced diarrhoea

Hemorrhoids; accompanied by low back pain.

– fistula.


– Testicular indurations; hydrocele.

genitalia of women

Large, extremely tough uterine fibroids


– Breast nodules that are hard.

breathing systems

– Hoarseness, croup, a spasmodic cough that produces small yellow mucus lumps and tickles when the person is lying down.

– Calc. Fluor eliminates fibroid deposits from the endocardium and returns it to its normal structural state.

Moving Systems

– The main treatment for varicose or enlarged veins as well as vascular tumors with dilated blood vessels.

When the heart and blood vessels are attacked by tuberculous toxins, it results in valvular disease.

Back and Neck

– Prolonged movement relieves chronic lumbago, which becomes worse when you first start moving.

Osteoid tumors.

– Femur enlargement caused by rachitis in young children.

– Burning pain in the lower back.



– Curvature

– Spinal exostoses.


– Exostotic (heels, fingers).

– Nodoses caused by arthritis.

– Rapid growth, brittle nails.

– Lumbago, sciatica, and arthritis are all made worse by the cold and made better by constant movement.

– Spider veins.


Knee hollow fibroids that recur frequently.

– Foot edema on hot days.


– Excessive.

– Harmful.


– Exhausting sleep with vivid dreams and a sense of impending danger.


– White and skinny.

Cracks and chaps.

– fistula.

– Callous, sharp-edged suppurations.

– Adhesions that form after surgery and scar tissue.

– Fistulous, persistent ulcers that leak a thick, yellow pus.

– Ulcer has sharp, elevated edges, and the purple, swollen skin around it.

– Hardened glands, knots, and kernels in the female breast.

– Enlargements that are indurated or swollen and have their source in the tendons, joints’ fascia, or capsular ligaments.

– Stone-like indentations.

Complementry: Complementry

– Rhus-tox, Syphillinum: – Syphillinum, Rhus-tox


– Worse when resting or when the weather changes; better when heated.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic medicines have a variety of uses and are prescribed based on symptom similarity; it is assumed that you have sought medical advice before purchasing this medication and are not self-medicating.

BrandSBL Dilutions
Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginIndia
Homeo FormsDilution
Potency30 CH / 30CH
Price₹ 85

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