SBL Capsicum Annuum 30 CH (30ml) : Sore throat, Hoarseness, ear infection, piles, homesick, alcoholics


Also known as

Cayenne Ann



30 CH




82 (gms)


3.5 cm by 3.5 cm by 9.5 cm

CAPSICUM ANNUUM (Cayenne Pepper)

It is effective in treating smokers’ and drinkers’ sore throats, cough with pain in different parts of the body, and chronic hoarseness with constricted feeling coupled with burning and smarting pain with intense soreness. Capsicum Annuum has a marked effect on sore throat. Throat is dark, red, swollen, and inflamed. Sensation of hot, constricted feeling. Burning and smarting pain. Pain in throat extending to

Capsicum annum is useful for digestive issues like dyspepsia with flatulence and sinking in the pit of the stomach, a strong desire for stimulants and a burning and smarting sensation in the abdomen, prostration and weak digestion in alcoholics, and dysentery when the stool is bloody and mucus-filled. It is also a remedy for dysentery when thirst is followed by every stool and every drink is followed by shuddering.

Capsicum Annuum is also recommended for hemorrhoids with soreness in the anus, hemorrhoids that protrude with smarting and burning pain, as if pepper had been sprinkled on them, and drawing pain in the back after stools. It is also beneficial for homesickness with sleeplessness and red cheeks. Capsicum Annuum has also been known to treat the burning pains and general chilliness.

Capsicum annum is a relaxed plethoric sluggish, cold remedy that is suited to abstainers from habitual alcoholics. It affects the mucous membranes, producing a sensation of constriction. It is one of the remedies for inflammation of petrous bone. It seems to suit especially people of lax fiber, weak; diminished vital heat. Such persons are fat, indolent, opposed to physical exertion, averse to go outside of their routine


NOSTALGIA is the desire for the past.

-HOMESICKNESS, characterized by flushed cheeks and insomnia.

-A sort of noble sadness with a sweet melancholy.

– Receptive.

– Unconfident when making new friends, but doesn’t avoid them.

– Easy to offend.

-Illnesses resulting from intense emotion.

– Suppresses feelings.

– Absence of emotion.

– Resistance to anything that disrupts the status quo.

– Anxiety and depression

– Clumsy, indolent, eventually loses interest and craves stimulants.

-A body that is unclean.

– Apprehension about encountering the police, being in trouble, and criticism or censure.

– Hearing noises easily when cold.

– Unruly, intransigent kids.

– Drinking.


– Chubby, overweight, and cold

Burning pains, which are made worse by cold applications (Ars).

-Local burning that is childish.

– Slow, worn out, and frail.

Absence of response

– Aims for the greatest results with the least amount of effort

– An aversion to motion that gets better.

Continued movement will be better.

– Cold is worse; heat is better.

– Ulcers

– Pain caused by coughing, anywhere.

beverages and food

– Desire stimulants, pepper, alcohol, and coffee.


– Hurting in the bursts and worse coughing.

Coughs while holding head on.

– A migraine that causes nausea and forgetfulness.

-Movement helps headaches; rest makes them worse.


– Eye watering and burning while coughing.


– A middle ear infection called mastoiditis with sharp pain.

– Ear infections that persist.


Red but cold; hot on the tip.

– Flu and cold symptoms, including burning and ferocious sneezing.


Neuralgia is characterized by small, needle-like pains that run along the nerve and are made worse by touch and sleep.

– Air drafts make burning pains worse.

– Flushing, flushing, and diffuse redness.

– Tiny veins of redness on the cheeks and nose, similar to those in alcoholics.


– Burning, particularly at the tongue tip.

A mouth infection known as stomatitis


– Inflammation that causes burning pain, dark redness, and coughing up more pain.

– An acrid voice.

– When you cough, hot, pungent air that tastes bad rises from your throat.


– Burning discomfort is exacerbated by food.

— Acid reflux.

– A caffeine-induced nausea.

– Extreme thirst prior to, during, and following diarrhea and a chill.


– Colic that burps.

– Food pipe burning.

• Colitis


– Face congestion and hemorrhoids.

– Rectal pain that is burning.

Tenesmus, or the persistent urge to urinate.

– Urging following a drink.


Tenesmus, which causes frequent urination

– Coughing, burning in the urethral orifice, and increased urination.

Gender of a man

– Scrotum coldness, testicular atrophy, and loss of sensibility.

– Agonizing erections every night.

genitalia of women

– An irregular menstrual cycle accompanied by pain in the left ovary.

– Unrest in the climate.


Evening coffee makes things worse; cold water makes things better.


– Sciatica, back pain.

– Coughing causes pain.

– Backwards descent of cold water feeling.


– Coughing causes pain.

– After resting and beginning to move, stiffness gets worse; continued movement makes it better.

– Hip pain that radiates to the feet and gets worse when touched or coughed.


Because of emotions, homesickness, and coughing, sleeplessness gets worse after midnight.

– Reminiscence-based dreams.

– While dozing off, as if dropping from a height (Thuja).


– Stitching, burning, and itching.

– Flabby

Complementary: Complementary

– Natrum-mur, Sulphur.: Sulfur, Natrum Mur.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic medicines have a variety of uses and are prescribed based on symptom similarity; it is assumed that you have sought medical advice before purchasing this medication and are not self-medicating.

BrandSBL Dilutions
Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginIndia
Homeo FormsDilution
Potency30 CH / 30CH
Price₹ 90

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