SBL Natrum Carbonicum 30 CH (30ml) : For Burns, Cough, Headache, Heat Exhaustion, Sexual Symptoms


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Natrum Carbonicum

Sodium carbonate, also known as sodium carbonate

Causes & Symptoms for Natrum Carbonicum

  • Exhaustion and debility from the smallest amount of physical or mental effort are treated with Natrum Carbonicum as a primary remedy.
  • Summer heat and working in gaslight are the two main causes of headaches. Headaches are characterized by tearing, shooting pain that is worse before periods, pain in the occiput, and a feeling that the head is too big and might burst.
  • Thinking and other mental activities are impossible.
  • In addition, catarrh with posterior nares and throat mucus, as well as persistent coughing to clear the throat, respond well to natrum carbonicum.
  • When entering a warm room from the outside, you cough more, which helps with dry cough.
  • As a result of the relaxation of the sphincter vaginae, which enables the seminal fluid to emerge as soon as the male ejaculates, Natrum Carbonicum also aids in the treatment of sterility, which prevents a woman from becoming pregnant.
  • Additionally recommended for sunburns, Natrum Carbonicum also helps with the long-term effects of sunstroke.
  • Mind
  • Thinking is impossible; comprehension is difficult and slow.
  • Anxiety and restlessness during thunderstorms; depression and mental deterioration; worry; heightened sensitivity to noise; colds; and changes in the weather.


Natrum Carbonicum soothes aches brought on by even the smallest amount of mental effort, which are exacerbated by the sun or working in a gas-lit environment.

Too big and hearing too sensitive.

Headaches brought on by hot weather returning and vertigo brought on by sun exposure can both benefit from taking Natrum Carbonicum.


All external nose problems, including pimples and puffiness, that could grow to a morbid size, are recommended to be treated with Natrum Carbonicum.

It helps with persistent coryza, catarrh, bad-smelling nasal secretions, numerous external nose problems, coughing up a lot of mucus, and, worst of all, even the smallest breeze.


Freckles, yellow spots, pimples, swelling of the upper lip, pale skin with blue eye rings, and swollen lids are all signs that Natrum Carbonicum is the right remedy for you.


When the stomach feels sensitive and swollen, when drinking cold water after being too hot, or when you wake up hungry at five in the morning, it can be helpful.

It improves extremely sluggish digestion that is brought on by even the smallest dietary error in people who are allergic to milk.

In complaints of a sudden urge to urinate, escaping quickly, and making noise, Natrum Carbonicum is recommended.

It checks milk-related diarrhea by releasing a yellow substance that looks like orange pulp.


It helps to relieve bearing-down discomfort and cervix induration.

Being seated makes you feel heavier; getting up and moving makes you feel better.

Natrum Carbonicum can also help with leucorrhagia, an unpleasant condition that is preceded by colic and characterized by late, scanty menstruation similar to meat-washings.


When a person has a dry cough and the left side of their breast feels cold after entering a warm room from the outside, Natrum Carbonicum can help.


Old sprains and severe limb weakness respond well to natrum carbonicum, especially in the morning.

It makes it simpler for ankles to sprain and dislocate.

It soothes pain between the toes and fingers, which is relieved when moving. Natrum Carbonicum is indicated by icy cold up to the knees.


If you tend to perspire easily or have dry, chapped skin, Natrum Carbonicum may be recommended.

It can be applied to fingertip, knuckle, and toe eruptions.

Natrum Carbonicum works well to relieve patches and circles of vesicular eruption, full veins, and raw, sore feet soles.

Side effects of Natrum Carbonicum

Although there are no such side effects, it is still important to take each medication according to the instructions.

Even if you are taking other forms of medication, such as those obtained through allopathy, ayurveda, etc., it is safe to take the medication.

The effectiveness of other medications is never hampered by homeopathic remedies.

Dosage and rules while taking Natrum Carbonicum

Three times per day, mix five drops in a half cup of water.

The globules can also be used as medicine; take them as directed by your doctor, usually three times per day.

We advise you to use medical advice when taking.

Precautions while taking Natrum Carbonicum

If you take medication, make sure to wait 15 minutes between eating and taking it.

Consult a homeopathic doctor prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing.

While taking medication, refrain from consuming alcohol or tobacco.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic medicines have a variety of uses and are prescribed based on symptom similarity; it is assumed that you have sought medical advice before purchasing this medication and are not self-medicating.

BrandSBL Dilutions
Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginIndia
Homeo FormsDilution
Potency30 CH / 30CH
Price₹ 85

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