Homeopathy Medicine for Urethral Stricture


A urethral stricture is a narrowing caused by scarring in the urethra, the tube that removes urine from the body. Strictures limit the flow of urine from the bladder and can result in a number of urinary tract conditions, such as inflammation or infection.


Urinary tract stricture symptoms and signs include:

  • Decreased urine stream
  • Incomplete bladder emptying
  • stream of urine being sprayed
  • difficult, painful, or labored urination
  • more frequent or stronger urination urges
  • Urinary tract infection


Scar tissue may develop as a result of:

  • a medical procedure that entails inserting a tool into the urethra, like an endoscope
  • bladder drainage through the use of a catheter, a tube inserted through the urethra.
  • A pelvic or urethral injury or trauma
  • the presence of an enlarged prostate or a history of prostate-related surgery
  • prostate or urethral cancer
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Radiation therapy


CLEMATIS :When the urge to urinate is strong but it takes a lot of effort to start passing urine, there is a urethral stricture.

NITRIC ACID :Useful in cases of urethral stricture with thin urinary stream, burning, and stinging upon urination, as well as scanty, dark, and extremely offensive urine.

Prunus Spinosa :Useful for urethral strictures, in which the urine stream is as thin as a thread and may even fork. Useful for situations where the urge to urinate is urgent but ineffective, such as when it takes a long time for the urine to appear.

CHIMAPHILLA :Useful in situations where passing urine necessitates exerting excessive force. When there is a constant need to urinate but little urine is produced. When urinating causes burning or scalding.

MAGNESIA PHOS :Useful for pale urine that is passed in drops and can be passed through the urinary tract with a lot of pressure, strain, and abdominal muscle contraction.

MERC SOL :Symptoms include a constant need to urinate during the day and at night, a small, weak stream, and urethral burning during or after urination.

NATRUM MUR :It is helpful when there is a sudden, intense urge to urinate at night that is accompanied by the inability to hold.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM :Useful for dribbling after urinationArgentum Nitricum is prescribed when the urine stream is divided, there is dribbling of urine, and there is pain, burning, and itching in the urethra. Homeopathic medicine Clematis is beneficial when the person needs to exert significant effort to start urinating, the urine flows in an interrupted stream, the person is unable to pass all of the urine at once, and there is dribbling of urine.

Cantharis And Apis Mellifica – Reliable Homeopathic Medicines For Urethral Stricture With Painful Urination (Dysuria)

Cantharis and Apis Mellifica are two of the most important homeopathic medications for urethral stricture, where marked pain is experienced while urinating. Cantharis is advised where there is excessive pain in the urethra before, during, and after passing urine. the pain may be cutting, burning in nature. this is accompanied by a constant and ineffective desire to urinate. sometimes urine passes drop by drop.

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