Homeopathic Remedies for Puerperal Insanity

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Puerperal Insanity

This is the result of too much drain on the system, it may take the form of Mania or of Melancholia.

During Mania—Patient is very excitable and boisterous and has violent tendencies. If the mania is slight and patient is given to laughing and being queer, quarrelsome, the mania is of obscene character, nymphomania, Hyoscyamus 3, Violent mania (delirium, violence, indecency, etc.) Stramonium 3. Mania is of a high moral order, patient wants to be let alone or in darkness, with occasional catalepsy, Cannabis Ind. 6


Melancholy—Patient is sad, given to self- introspection or suicide and feels vacant in mind, Cimicifuga 6. If suicidal tendency prevails, Aur. Met. 6.

Also Try—Platina 6, Puls. 6, Agnus Castus 3. Patient must be kept quiet.


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