Homeopathic Remedies for Worms

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Three kinds of worms usually infest human intestines: Thread worms. Round worms and Tape worms. Thread worms—infest the caecum and upper part of colon; Round worms—the small intestines, and Tape-worms—the small intestines.

Causes: Eating green vegetables that grow on damp soils, on which dogs and jackals ease themselves. It is these animals that pass the eggs of these worms with their stools: and these eggs sticking to vegetables, are hatched when they get inside those who eat those vegetables. Children with uncut nails, while digging such ground or playing with dust, retain the eggs under their nails and swallow them with food. This is one way how worms get into our body. Worms also get in with diseased meats. Sugars, unripe fruits and stale fish by increasing mucus, furnish food for the worms and help their growth.


Symptoms: Itching of anus, gnashing of teeth at night, sudden starts at sleep, convulsion, itching of tip of nose, capricious appetite, fretful temper, passing water in bed at night, water-brash, pallor, wasting, difficulty in making water, cholera-like vomiting and purging, disturbed sleep, etc.


Cina 2x-200—Pupils dilated; sudden startling during sleep; faintness; nausea or vomiting; hiccup; itching of tip of nose; itching of anus; gripes grinding of teeth when asleep; urine scanty and milky; ravenous hunger. This failing, try Stannum 6—30.

Teucrium 1x—Severe inflammation of rectum; sleeplessness; giddiness; useful in thread-worms.

Santonine 1x (trit.)—Useful in all kinds of worms.

Spigelia 3—In thread-worms.

Sulphur 30—Worms-colic; when there has been partial alleviation of troubles by use of other medicines.

In TAPE-WORMS         Filix Mas 0, Merc. Cor. 3x, Cuprum Acet. 3, Stannum 2 (trit.).

In ROUND-WORMS     Cina 2x—200, Santonine 1x (trit.).

In THREAD-WORMS    Santonine 1x (trit.), Teucrium 1x.

Dr. Hughes thinks that by using Lyco. 30 for 2 days, Verat. 12 for 4 days, and Ipecac 6 for 7 days, worms may be eradicated. Calcarea 30 is a good medicine for worms in children. By the use of Viola Odorata 6 before breakfast and Stannum 30 at bed time, the secretion of excessive mucus may be prevented. A douche of salt in tepid water if repeated for some days relieves one of the troubles from thread-worms for some time.


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