Homeopathic Remedies for Otalgia

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This is a neuralgic pain shooting right down to even the teeth. Cold, trauma, prickling into the ear, entrance of water into the ear, small boil or over-accumulation of ear-wax give rise to the kind of pain. This disease frequently follows measles or small-pox.



If due to cold or entrance of water, Aconite 3x. If due to gonorrhoea, Aconite 3x. In traumatic cases, Arnica 3. In stinging pains, Puls. 3x. If due to catarrh Puls. 3. If associated with toothache, Chamomilla 12 or Merc. Sol. 6.

If the pain is in the pinna of the ear, try, according to indication, Acon., Bell., Cham., Ferrum Phosph., Merc., Puls., Sulphur, etc. If the pinna is always tender, Merc. 6. If the pain is stitching or boring, Capsicum 6. In burning sensation, Ars. 3. In darting and tearing pain, Puls. 3. In neuralgic pain, Cham. 6, or Bell. 3. In throbbing pain, Bell. 3. In stinging pain, Apis 6. In needle-thrust-like pain, Cham. 6 or Kali Carb. 6. In tearing pain, Bell. 3, Cham. 6, Puls. 3. In bursting pain, Arnica 3.


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