Homeopathic Remedies for Epistaxis

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If nose-bleed is slight, treatment is hardly called for. It is usually from a small vein in one nostril that the blood comes; the blood may flow out forward or may trickle back into the throat, being then swallowed or spat out. The cause is injury, congestion of head, violent coughing or sneezing, sudden stoppage of bleeding from piles or of menses, etc.



Ferrum Iod. 3 (trit.) or Millefolium 0 are recommended. If large clots come out, Hamamelis 1x internally and a few drops of 0 applied. Due to congestion of head—Aconite 3x, Belladonna 3x, Gels. 3x or Verat. Viride 3x. If due to anaemia and debility, China 3-30. Due to gangrene, Lachesis 6-30, Ars. 3-30. Due to sudden stoppage of menses or bleeding from piles, Puls. 3, Hamamelis 3, Podophyllum 6 or Sulphur 30. Due to trauma of head Qr of nose, Arnica 3x. In intermittent bleeding. China 6, Carbo Veg. 30. Throbbing headache associated with epistaxis, Belladonna 3.

The patient should be placed in semi-recumbent posture, with his arms raised behind the head; breathe through the mouth; loosen all constriction of dress; apply ice to nape of neck and over nostril; do not wipe out the blood but simply blot it up.


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