Homeopathic Remedies for Nocturnal Emission

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Nocturnal Emission

This is the emission of semen during sleep; it is hence called ‘wet dream’. The act of emission is called forth by erotic dreams; but if a man becomes a chronic sufferer, not only are dreams not necessary to call forth emission, but simply sleeping on the back or indigestion are quite enough to cause the discharge with or without the erection of penis. Later on, touching a woman, the sight of a woman or lascivious thoughts cause discharge; straining at stool does it and so on. It is due to masturbation, excessive horse- riding, tree-climbing, worms, urethritis, injury to head or spine, indigestion, etc.


Symptoms: —In one who is confirmed in it, bashfulness, melancholy, loss of memory, want of energy, loss of appetite and of power of application, constipation, debility, flatulence, palpitation, headache, Anemia, sinking of eyes in sockets, black rings around the eyes, cold and sweating of hands, etc., are the marks of this disease.


Agnus Castus 6—Dullness and weakness of mind; absent-minded; sad, despondent, peevish, debility, loss of power of sexual act but not sexual instinct.

Beilis Perennis (m. 5 twice daily). —Due to masturbation.

Baryta Carb. 6—Noctural emission followed by depression; palpitation; debility.

Thuja Ө (m. 5.)—Excessive seminal loss.

Nuphar Lutea ӨNocturnal emission with debility.

Acid Phosphoric 3x-30—Sexual debility due to excessive venery; too early discharge during coitus; mental depression, loss of memory.

China 6-30—Frequent sexual excitement; nocturnal emissions; pain in abdomen; buzzing in the ears; face flushed; dizziness; frequent yawning, much debility.

Phosphorus 6-30—Too early discharge during coitus; diminution of sexual power; anxiety; palpitation; excessive seminal loss by masturbation; loss of erectile-power.

Platina 6—Sexual loss of early youth owing to masturbation; there is early seminal discharge even without erection.

Nux Vomica 6-30—Much sexual desire; genital excitement after waking each time; nocturnal emission due to exciting food; tenderness of testicles; constipation; loss of appetite.

Cantharis 3—Seminal loss due to Gonorrhea; urine is passed in dribbles; strong sexual appetite.

Calc. Carb. 6—Strong sexual passion but discharge occurs without erection; pain all over the body; debility.

In seminal loss due to masturbation: Cantharis 3 (for males). Due to worms: Cina 3-200.

Try also—Aurum Met. 3x, (trit.)—200, Graphites 30, Puls, 3-30, Sulphur 3-200, Staphysagria 6, Gels. 30, Baryta Carb, 6, Ignatia 6, Argentum 6, Bufo 200, Caladium30, Selenium 30, Acid Picric 30, Calc. Phos. 12x (trit.). Lachesis 200, Lyco. 200, Conium 30, Natrum Mur. 30.

It is very important to remember that medicines have no effect unless one practises abstinence, becomes pure in thought and action, lives in open air, and a healthy life, avoid late or heavy dinners or night-keeping or study upto late hours at night; one must bathe daily and exercise in the open air and avoid any food that is stimulating or constipating or productive of gas in the intestines or of hot scalding urine. The patient should go to bed early and rise early and never lie on his back.


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