Homeopathic Biochemic or Tissue Remedies

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Dr. Schuessler was a Homoeopath. He pointed out that the blood and cells contain 12 inorganic salts, viz., Calcarea Fluorica, Calc. Phosph., Calc. Sulph., Ferrum Phosph., Kali Mur., Kali Phosph., Kali Sulph., Magnes. Phosph., Natrum Mur., Natrum Phosph., Natrum Sulph. and Silicea. Thus he was of the opinion that all diseases are the result of want of one or the other of these vital salts bringing about destruction of tissues, without entering into the merits of these 12 ‘Tissue-Remedies.” We describe them below, because they have been repeatedly proved to be efficacious. Dr. Schuessler used his 12 tissue remedies in their 6x, 12x (trit.) ; but modem homoeopaths use potencies anywhere between 1x-1000.

Calcarea Fluorica 12x-200


Bone-Tumor ; hand- Tumor ; hypertrophy of joints; swelling of glands, induration of glands ; formation of cataract ; swelling of nerves ; fistula-in-ano ; hernia ; piles; haemorrhages from uterus ; hard ear-wax ; chapped hands ; loose, irregular or painful teeth ; delayed teething ; cough with viscid yellow phlegm ; displacement of organs especially of the uterus ; hypertrophy of heart testicles or veins ; dryness of throat; aggravation during rest and in damp weather ; and amelioration by warmth.

Calcarea Phosphorica 12x-200x

Exudation of albumen ; Anemia ; marasmus inspite of nourishing; food indigestion ; wasting ; incomplete union of broken bones ; diseases of bones ; delayed teething ; “white swelling” of the knee; cramps; convulsions; exhaustion; cold extremities, irregularities of circulation ; hereditary tuberculosis ; kidney diseases ; leucorrhoea ; chlorosis ; night-sweat ; ulcer ; early decay of teeth ; rheumatism in rainy season ; hydrocephalus ; weak neck and spine ; headache ; copious sweating of forehead (in fat children). Aggravation of diseases at change of season, by damp or by movement; and relief on lying down.

Calcarea Sulphurica 3x-200x

Though this salt is not in human blood and tissues, yet we retain this drug, for, we are convinced of its utility from provings as well as from clinical cases]. Abscesses, catarrh, yellowish white discharges, threatening suppuration, ulcer in cornea, low fever or thin discharge from intestinal or other chronic ulcers, pimples on gums, diseases of liver or urinary organs, third stage of pneumonia of bronchitis, headache, nausea, neuralgia, hypersensitiveness, desire for fruits and acids, facial pimples or boils, chronic rheumatism, skin diseases, catarrh. Use it after the allopathic treatment has been tried.

Kali Muriaticum 12x-200x

In the second stage of inflammation, acts chiefly on mucus membrane white mucous discharges, tongue coated white or grey in its back part, viscid sputum during the subacute stage of catarrh, cough, loss of voice, dry phlegm, inflammation of glands in neck or in front of the ears, diseases of throat and bronchi, sick headache, ringing in the ears, sores inside the mouth, dryness of mouth, diphtheria, indigestion, epilepsy, rheumatism, rheumatic swelling of joints, cold abscesses, scaly skin, carbuncles, constipation, jaundice, eustachian deafness, chronic discharge of pus from ears, sore-throat, chicken-pox, small-pox, scarlet fever, erysipelas, eczema, pneumonia, pleurisy, leucorrhoea, syphilis, Gonorrhea, scanty menses, amenorrhoea, dropsy, diarrhoea, typhoid fever, plague, asthma due to dyspepsia, colic from starch, indigestion. Aggravation after rich diet or from motion.

Kali Phosphoricum 3x-200x

Acts chiefly on muscles, nerves, brain and blood. Patient becomes nervous and sheds tears like a child on trivials. Nervous exhaustion, nervous diseases, blood-poisoning, gangrenous stage, typhoid fever, poisoned sores, bad odours of all the bodily secretions and excretions, early stage of gangrene in any part of the body, pimples all over, catarrh with foetid odour in breath, free discharge of foul-smelling mucus from the nose, diarrhoea, ear-ache, stiff neck, asthma, summer fever due to cold and catarrh, eyes congested, paralytic condition, epilepsy, sunken countenance, coldness and palpitation after the attack, attacks generally come on from fright, insomnia from excessive drinking of alcohol, gripes, excessive mental and physical exhaustion, blood is dark in colour, pulse is weak—at first quick then slow, weakness of memory, indigestion, puerperal fever, haemorrhages, scaly condition of skin, bleeding from uterus, albuminous urine, hysterical “globe”, insanity, somnambulism, fear of light or of open spaces, vertigo, gastritis, gastric ulcer, whooping cough, rheumatism nettle-rash, nervous tremors, shortness of breath or cramps due to over-exertion, excessive flooding. Aggravation from noises, exposure to cold wind, travels or over study, relief from slow walking, gossiping, eating or warmth.

Kali Sulphuricum 6x-200x

Yellow mucous discharges, inflammation of all sorts and third stage of catarrh are pre-eminently benefitted. Useful in any skin-trouble. Asthma with bronchitis and great rattling in the chest, yellow muddy expectoration, worse warm weather or in a warm room, headache (relieved by cold wind), dandruff scalding sensation of head nearing a fire, leucorrhoea with yellow discharge, migratory pain in the body, ring-worm or scabs all over the body, vertigo from deficient oxygenation, chilliness, toothache, third stage of scarlet fever, measles, erysipelas, bronchitis, croup, diphtheria, whooping cough, pneumonia, cholera, typhoid fever, malaria, jaundice from gastric catarrh, colic, weight in stomach, indigestion, peeling off of skin of lips ; scabs or coating forming on face, tongue, mouth, mucous membrane or anywhere ; hemiplegia; free discharge of foetid mucus from nose and ears, Tumors in ear, eczema, complications arising out of suppressed measles or abscesses, diseases of nails. Aggravation while staying inside closed room or inside warm places or in summer or after sunset; better in cold open air or dry equable weather.

Natrum Muriaticum 12x-200x

Chief indications are Disappointment, a feeling of utter helplessness, continuous thirst, emaciation, dryness of mouth, strong desire for salt, constipation. Anemia, pale face, headache, palpitation, melancholy, neck slender and emaciated, lips dry, ulcer on lips, crack on center of lips, fever blisters, phlegm is frothy or clear whitlow, com, diseases of nails ; malarial fever—intermittent, coming by 10 a.m., with rigor, thirst before cold stage and absence of thirst in the hot stage, with intense headache, suppressed by quinine ; profuse watery mucous discharge, rickets, malnutrition and emaciation, inspite of nourishing food, fistula, sore-gums, backache, skin looks glossy, frothy saliva, sudden stoppage of blood circulation, paralysis of heart-muscles from any acute disease, haemorrhage from stomach, lungs, etc., delirium etc., from excessive drinking, oedema of lungs, summer fever with catarrh, deep sleep or insomnia, epilepsy with foam in mouth, apoplexy (give 6x internally and dash cold water on crown of head and face, but not in back of head), bites and strings of creatures, abuse of quinine, nettle rash or itch, rheumatism, emaciation inspite of good food. Aggravation— in winter, on visiting seaside, after making water, taking quinine, arsenic, mercury, silver nitrate, sulphur, etc. Amelioration—on going into open air, taking cold bath, or lying on right side.

Natrum phosphoricum 3x-200x

Good for acidity. Sour eructation, sour vomiting ; sour smell in sweat, gout or rheumatism, uric acid in blood, yellow mucous from eyes, yellowish tinge or yellowish coating on the palate and yellow mucous discharge from urinary passages, intermittent malaria with sour vomiting, profuse flow of sour milk, spermatorreoea, weak spine, weak body, diarrhoea due to acidity, greenish stools, sour smell from the child’s body, diseases in children due to excess of lactic acid, from eating too much of sugar, fatty glands are swollen, Gonorrhea, heart-bum, water-brash, acidity, indigestion from acidity, pus formation, epilepsy, erysipelas, effect of vaccination, headache, vertigo, sour smell in breath, ophthalmia, ear is hot, red and itchy nose and foul smell emanating therefrom, face is swollen and red, acid or coppery taste in mouth, yellow coating at the back of tongue, gastric ulcer, wind in stomach, squint and pain in abdomen from worms, habitual obstinate constipation, stools whitish or green, haemorrhoids, diabetes, leucorrhoea, phthisis, palpitation, tottering of legs from debility, pain in knee, head and other joints, sleeplessness from itching, eczema with honey-like discharge, emaciation (in children). Aggravation during thunder-storm, or indigestion from fatty or sweet food.

Natrum Sulphuricum 1x-200x

It is preeminently a liver remedy. In bilious complaints and conditions arising from excessive secretion of bile, Nat. Sulph. is of great help. Imperfect assimilation, thread-worms. Bilious fever, bilious vomit, belching or diarrhoea, bilious headache, bitter taste in mouth with grayish tongue, influenza, jaundice, yellow fever, wind-colic in stomach, malaria, liver diseases, catarrh, yellowish discharges, diabetes, kidney-diseases, indigestion, asthma, accumulation of mucus in bronchi with bringing up of yellow or greenish phlegm, convulsions, writhing of limbs during sleep, delirium, mental pain from head injury, constipation, cholera, infantile cholera, diarrhoea, lead-colic (give 2x), increase of white and decrease of red corpuscles in blood, pain in gall-bladder, chronic gonorrhaea, erysipelas, rheumatism in those who are phlegmatic, dropsy from liver disease, retention of urine, inability to retain urine, neuralgia of malarial origin to decrease the flow of milk, eye-lids get gummed, fear to be exposed to light, ear-ache, ringing in the ears (bell sound), foetid discharge from syphilitic eczema, burning sensation in nose and mouth, loss of taste of foods, toothache with burning sensation in gums, relieved by smoking, stone in bladder, vomiting of pregnancy, pain and constricting sensation in chest at the time of coughing, dropsy of feet, deep sleep, disturbed sleep at night owing to asthmatic fit, abscesses, ring-worm. Aggravation by damp weather, by residence in damp or marshy soil, by eating plants, that grow near water, or by eating fish or on lying on left side, relieved by living in dry, warm, open places.

Ferrum Phosphoricum 1x-200x

Used in the first stage of inflammation in eyes, ears, teeth, stomach, etc., ulcers, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, in inflammatory fevers, headache, vertigo, rheumatism, lumbago, erysipelas, sore-throat, cough, catarrh, cold in the head (first stage), bleeding of bright blood, piles, dysentery, nose-bleed, abscesses, carbuncles, swelling and heat in different parts of the body, inability to retain urine, throbbing headache, painful diarrhoea from cold, vomiting, indigestion. Lotion and ointment from Ferrum Phos. 3x are used for application to piles. Aggravation on movements or on application of heat, relief on applying cold.

Magnesia Phosphorica 1x-200x

Useful in crampy, colicy or neuralgic pains, lower potencies taken in hot water relieves pains. Pain in head, face, teeth or stomach, neuralgia, loss of sense of smell, cramps, convulsions, whooping cough, cramps in muscles, tetanus, spasmodic retention of urine, spasmodic cough, tremors of the body, involuntary spasms of muscles of face and limbs, diseases arising from chronic drinking habit, writer’s cramp, hysterical globus, much itching, pain in heart, asthma, bleeding piles, constipation, watery discharge from nose (aggravation in cold and abated in warmth), rheumatic pains, fainting fit, hiccup, twitchings of limbs from paralysis thereof, stammering, itches all over body, pharyngitis, gall stone with colic (3x internally in hot water and also locally applied). Menstrual colic, membraneous Dysmenorrhoea, nausea or vomiting, gas in stomach, indigestion, epilepsy, yawning, profuse sweating, sleeplessness. Aggravation especially in right side of body, soft touch or on exposure to cold, relief on warm application or on doubling up of body.

Silica 12x-200x

Discharge of thin pus from carbuncle, whitlow, ulcers, pimples or boils, ulcers following vaccination, Tumoras, etc. Silica acts chiefly on suppurative process, it promotes suppuration and matures abscesses. It is adapted to scrofulous, rachitic children with large head, open fontanelles, distended abdomen, who are slow to learn walking, sweating of head in fat children, pot-bellied, lean and lanky children, constipation, hard stool comes out partially and slips back, low vitality, body cold, easily susceptible to cold, chronic headache, foul-smelling, sweating of feet and arm-pits, caries of bones, hip-joint disease, night-sweats (in head and neck especially), long continued low fever, phthisis, chronic gout or rheumatism, exhaustion from preponderance of mental capacity over physical, acuteness of hearing, absent-mindedness, patient wants to be let alone, nausea, sensation of chill, aversion to meat and hot things, falling off of hair, cataract formation from sudden stoppage (owing to application of foot-powders, etc.) of sweating of feet, apoplexy, paralysis, deafness, redness and sore on tip of nose, ulcer on tip of tongue or on lips, leucorrhoea, neuralgia, blocking of one nostril from swelling of its mucous membrane, asthma of stone-cutters or grinders, stone in bladder, pus in eyes, water in the knee-joint, epilepsy (aggravated at new or full moon), painful piles, foetid diarrhoea, fistula, uric acid in blood, chronic Gonorrhea, ulcer in breast or nipple, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis of lungs, palpitation, chronic diseases, sleeplessness from excited circulation. Aggravation at night during full or new moon, on exposure to cold draught, alleviation in warmth or warm room, or on covering up the head with warm head-gadgets, or on taking hot baths.


In affections of right side of body: —Aur., Arg., Nit., Apis, Colocynth, Cantharis, Calc. Carb., Chelid., Nux Vom., Puls., Bell., Bryo., Borax, Baptisia, Secale, Lycop.

In affections of left side of body: —Asafoetida Phos., Euphorbia, Crocus, Capsicum Mezereum, Lachesis, Stannum, China, Sulph., Silicea, Spigelia.

Affection, attacking alternate sides of body: — Agaricus Antim Crude., Lachesis.

Affecting diagonal regions of body: —Agar., Phos.


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